Monday, August 22, 2011

Kinder Laptops

We are getting a head start on technology this year. With a new year comes updated computers so that means more challenges for the teachers and students. This year, each student has to type in their whole first name. whole last name and a password in order to log on to their computer. What a nightmare for Kindergarten teachers. Kids have a hard time recognizing and writing their name or letters let alone trying to type it on the computer. So...I wondered what would make it an easier process for my students to learn their logins. I thought I would pull out an idea that I have worked with before but hadn't used in awhile. I believe it was Dr. Jean that created these and my students love them! They were really excited to get their own 'laptop' and they did an awesome job looking for the letters in their name. We won't venture to the lab too soon but these laptops will be great to pull out and practice for the real thing. Once logins are practiced and known, I'm hoping to use these for our Daily 5 Word Work in practicing our high frequency words. The opportunities are endless. I'll keep you posted on how it all goes once we venture to the lab.


Brent Catlett said...

What a great idea Mrs. Evans! I love it! They will be pros by the time they hit the real lab!

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