Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Silent Teaching

It's that time of year when the seasons change and my allergies are not nice to me. I started losing my voice yesterday and by the end of the day, it was gone. Teaching was not fun today but I stuck it out like a trooper. It's hard having no voice at the beginning of the year especially when the some of my students are still learning to make good choices. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a little bit better and I'll have my voice back a little bit.
We have been busy working at building our stamina with Daily 5 and DIBELS testing is done. Next week our reading teacher and I will start pulling groups of students to work on skills that need to be addressed. In Science, we are discussing the season of summer. Next week, we will be getting into our Five Senses. Lots of things going on plus we will have a new student joining us on Monday. It's never a dual moment in Kindergarten.


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