Friday, January 6, 2012

Winter Fun

We are back in school after a nice two week break for the holidays. Students started back yesterday and we had a great day. Over the break, I found some awesome units from some outstanding Kindergarten teachers around the US. I didn't want to start our new math topic yet, so I pulled some math activities from these units. One of the activities was a math survey. The kids had to go around to 10 friends and ask the question, "Do you like marshmallows in your hot chocolate?" They loved this activity and am excited to try more. Today, I tried the other math activity which was a great introduction to our new math topic. The students had to see if they were taller than, shorter than, or same height as the snowman that I created. I loved this activity as well as the kids. They had fun making predictions and measuring themselves next to the snowman. It's fun being able to do something different then the curriculum. I'm hoping we can do more fun activities like this throughout the rest of the semester. Even though the weather here in Nebraska doesn't feel like January weather, we had to do something to get the feeling of winter.


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